The Montaners | Portland Family Photography

This post is actually a continuation of yesterday's post because Gabby scheduled their family photos right after Julie scheduled her family photos! (And tomorrow's post will be the third part of it because I also took pictures of the two families together.)

This is actually the family of my middle school Spanish teacher and I felt extreamly pressured (in my own head, not by anyone) to greet Señor Montañer in Español... but all I could remember was a feeble "Hola". I think I'll just stick to making photographs! ;-)

Mama and her boys.

Watch out for the supermodel couple...

 I'm sure I must have hilarious... but in reality Sammy, the one on the right, probably cracked a joke. Sammy and I went to school together and he was always good for a laugh! Miss you Sammy!

Gabby has always been gorgeous! She was one of the upperclassmen that I was always jealous of in high school. :)

Now that's a good looking family, no? So happy to see them all again! Thanks for an awesome session guys! 


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