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Israelene @ 1 Month

Oh Israelene, how you have stolen our hearts already. Your big blue eyes, your yummy double chin, your adorable swirl of a belly button. I just CANNOT with your cuteness! You are your daddy's twin, with matching noses and it's so sweet to see him wrapped around your tiny little finger already. Your big brother absolutely adores you, showering you (like a downpour) with kisses and snuggles ALL DAY LONG. You tolerate it so well, I suppose you're used to him wrestling you while you were still in my womb. You are very opinionated and you demand to be heard, which I love. You clearly are not a pushover. I feel guilty a lot because you don't get the immediate attention over every little squeak and squawk, you often have to wait (longer than I like) because your brother demands so much attention too, but I'm hoping and praying that you won't hold this against me.

My girl, you are the daughter that I have been dreaming of my whole life. You are the piece of my heart th…

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