Of Dogs:

I have never, NEVER been an animal person. You know when you're in elementary school, when everyone says that they want to be a veterinarian when they grow up? Not me. I was never that kid. I never wanted a kitten or a puppy. Where other people saw cute, cuddly, furry balls of joy, I saw pet hair everywhere, poop, pee, and slobber. I'm so not an animal person.

But then I met Roxy, my brother's boxer dog. And then I met Mac, my brother's second boxer dog. And there was my sister's rottweiler, Wickey. Suddenly, I found myself liking dogs. I was petting them, chasing them, cuddling them even! I didn't mind their slobber (as much) and I thought nothing of their hair everywhere; I'm not gonna lie, I was even surprised.

Then, last Feburary, Wickey girl had to be put down down (due to cancer) and it was really sad and especially heartbreaking for my sister. Wickey was such an easy going dog that made everyone comfortable, despite her being a rottie. :) I was surprised by how upset that I was... after all, it's just a dog right? Pffft.

Yesterday, my brother had to make the decision to put down his dog Mac, due to a brain tumor that was causing seizures. And I was devastated. Me, who is NOT an animal person. The thing about Mac is that he was like a 3-year-old child, all the time; just a constant barrage of energy, love, and slobber. I spent a few weeks with my brother in Texas and got to spend a lot of time with Roxy and Mac. I also drove from Texas to Oregon (TWICE) with Brad and the dogs, which was a VERY boding experience, to say the least. :) I love those dogs. More then I even realized...

Goodbye Mac. I'm glad you don't have to suffer anymore boy. You wormed your way into my heart and I will miss you and all your slobbery love.


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