In Sunday morning meeting, Eric asked "Could someone please give thanks for the bread" and I heard Kamuela's little voice pipe up, saying "Tank ewe." My heart could have burst right then and there!

He's started saying "Stop it" and "Try again" which I think is proof of two phrases he hears A LOT. ;)

He says "Scooz me" (Excuse me) when I'm in his way.

He prefers to eat his food in twos... he has to have chicken AND rice, or egg AND sausage on his fork before he'll take a bite. It cracks me up.

He likes to accessorize. Hats and sunglasses are a must!

I asked him what was on his birthday wish list, not really thinking he would know how to answer that question, but he replied: "Ummm, orange bike! No, blue! Ummm, no orange! Orange bike peas Mama." So.... I had to find him an orange bike. And of course he's practically a pro on it already.

He likes to cuddle with Little Sister (aka my belly) when it's bedtime.


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