Little Sister

Dear Little Sister,

I hear you baby girl, I know how you're feeling. Neglected. You aren't even on the outside yet and you already don't get the attention that your brother had when he was in the same place. It's different this time around. I don't get the opportunities to pause and revel in my pregnancy the way I did with your brother, and I'm sorry for that. But please don't ever think for a moment it's because I love you less or that I'm not as excited for you. I am so excited. I have been waiting my whole life for you. And I hear you. I feel you. I know you.

You're already making your presence known, asserting your place, establishing your own identity. You have felt so different in me, from the very beginning, you have refused to be like your brother, blazing your own trail and keeping your mama on her toes. You move often, and not in a small, dainty way. Your movements are huge, your spread yourself wide inside of me, stretching from my ribs to my hips, I just imagining you making yourself as big as possible, demanding my attention. You have it Baby Girl. Even as I chase your brother, I know you're there, running with me. When I read him a story, I hope that you're also listening. When I lay next to him and sing him to sleep, I feel you settle down in my womb. When he climbs on you, I feel you already fighting back, kicking your little feet towards him, proving yourself to be so strong and playful already.

Your due date is tomorrow and I am in complete shock. I just can't believe how fast the past nine months have flown by. These last few weeks have especially been crazy and I feel like you couldn't have been born, even if you wanted to! So I am sorry for that sweet girl. You have been patient beyond measure. I asked you to wait until after your brother had his birthday party and turned two, and you waited. I asked you to wait until after Cow Camp so that we could make it to the first weekend and get to be there for the spreading of Grammy and Papa's ashes, and you waited. Then unexpectedly, I asked you to wait again so that we could make yet another trip to Oregon so I could be at the memorial service for my best friend's mama. And you waited. But we're home now. As much as I would have loved for you to be born in Oregon, I'm thankful that you have been gracious and patient and have waited until now. Tomorrow is August 1st, your due date, and then you'll officially have your own birthday month! So it's okay my girl, you don't have to wait any longer. It's your turn. Come whenever you are ready! Your daddy and I might be keeping ourselves busy with house projects (full on nesting mode) but we are ready. We are ready to meet you and hold you and give you ten million kisses every single day. I have been feeling you dance around so much, I know you're anxious to be on the outside. You're ready to stretch those legs out and move your hands all around, ready to not be confined. I know Baby Girl, I know. Thank you for your patience, thank you for your sweet spirit that has already been such a joy to me. Whenever you're ready, Mama is ready now. Daddy and Big Brother are ready. We cannot wait for you to be in our arms, completing our family.

We love you. The most.


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