He loves mango everything! Especially mango popsicles and mango shave ice.

We stopped at a gas station and Josh went inside to get an icee and he was going to get a soft serve cone for Kamu. I waited in the car with Kamu who kept asking where Daddy was. So I told him that Daddy went into the store to get a treat. Well, then he just kept asking for his treat! So I told him he needed to be patient because Daddy had to go into the store, find the treat, pay for it, and bring it out to him so it might take a little bit. Kamu's response was:"Daddy run run run!"

It is so entertaining to hear what he says when he first wakes up in the morning. Sometimes it's a person's name, sometimes it's a snack request, sometimes it's just "'morning Mama!" Lately, it's been one of his cousins' names because we've been seeing them so much while here in Hawaii.

Speaking of Hawaii, Kamu is loving being in the land of beaches, swimming and shave ice! He asks for all three, all the time.

He's started singing along to songs, like "Clap Clap Bow", "Old McDonald", and "Baby Beluga". The first time he started singing a song on his own though, was "Clap Clap Bow" and it was in the middle of Wednesday night Bible study! Soooooo funny!

When I accidentally hit my elbow on the bedside table, and was yelling "Ow! Ow! Ow!" Kamu was instantly by my side with a concerned look on his face. I told him what happened and he leans in and kisses my elbow! And totally melted my heart.

Monday June 26 marks the first time that he's slept through the night since he was a newborn! He went to bed at 10:30pm and didn't get up until 6:30am! The last and only time that he slept through the night was September 29, 2015. I kid you not.

He says "Bless you Mama" whenever I sneeze.

Astronaut and dinosaur are just regular 'ol words in his vocabulary.

He went on a man-date with Uncle Dan and had such a great time! They went to a monster truck show, just the two of them, and got to see the trucks up close at the pit-party, he got a free t-shirt from Lorna who became his new best friend, and they got a free ride in the ride-along monster truck! When Kamu retold the story he says "Around and around and around. Circles! Dirty." Because they did some donuts and dirt came in and got him dirty. Ha! He got a monster truck poster from Lorna as well and when he tells that part of the story he always follows it with "Thank you Lorna!" which makes me so proud. Also, Uncle Dan bought him an orange slushie so I think he's the current favorite uncle. :) They came home early, before the show was completely over, because Kamu reached up for Dan's hand and said "Home, Mama. Bye bye monster trucks." Which gives me ALL THE FEELS.

When we were having breakfast with Josh, who had just gotten home from working ALL night, Kamu was saying "Daddy work ship." And we would reply, "Yes, Daddy was at the shipyard working." Which is a normal conversation we have pretty much every day. This time though, Kamu leans into his daddy and said "Good job Daddy." and it was all I could do not to burst into tears.

Before meals, we will remind him to say grace and he'll ask for "Day by Day" or "Day Food" which really is "For This Food" but he learned "Day by Day" first so he mixes them up. It's adorable. :)


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