He woke up between Josh and I, said "Morning Mama. Morning Daddy. Morning Sister." and gave us all kisses.

May 13- his first slumber party! We were at Mom's house for the weekend and Kamu slept with Grammy in her room while Josh and I were downstairs. FOR THE WHOLE NIGHT!

He says "Nanna" for "Grammy" which is adorable. I try to get him to say the "Grrrrrrammmmmeeeee" and he goes "Grrrrrr NANA!" lol

When we were at Grammy's house, he kept shouting "Iris!" and looking everywhere for her because the McDnoald's usually stay there when we are there too!

Grammy taught him the  grace "Day By Day" and now he requests it for every meal. Which is adorable and I love it... except for the fact that I can't carry a tune in a bucket so it sounds horrendous when it's only us. But still, he loves it and to hear his little voice sing out "day by day" just completely melts me every single time.

He's been asking for a stand on scooter ever since he saw his friend Brielle's. She's four. Last night at her house, he found her scooter and promptly started riding it. Like a PRO. So today I went and bought him his own. Because I'm a sucker like that.

Mango Popsicle. Every day.

(Will update with some photos soon!)


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