April 2017 | Kamuela James

He wakes up asking for "monster trucks". And most nights he is now sleeping with a monster truck. Some kids have a blanket, some kids have a stuffed animal, apparently my kid has a monster truck!

He now refers to himself as "Mamoo", his attempt at "Kamu". :)

4/15- We went to a Tacoma Rainers game with the Rolloffs and Kamuela loved! After the game, they allow the kids to run the bases and so Josh, Kamu, Steve, and Elliott went down! They loved it! Then Rhubarb (the mascot, a reindeer) was over there and Elliott wanted to go say hi, so Josh was going to take Kamu also but he was scared and started crying a little. But then when Rhubarb was leaving, Kamu was happy to say "Bye Roo-baa!" haha And he's been loving telling this story to everyone ever since then!

He found his Bible in his room and said, "Oh, Jesus!" lol

His bedtime routine goes a lot smoother now that we've moved it to 9pm... we don't have to fight him for an hour and he falls asleep at 9:30ish still! :) Thanks to his daddy for the suggestion!

I took him to the park on 4/21 and there were some older men playing a baseball game and Kamu said "Sit down watch baseball!" and promptly sat down on the bleachers to enjoy the game. He loves his sports! This was also the day that we got to see a small pod of Orca whales swim by! (At Lion's field.) There was even a baby!

He has taken to sleeping like his dad, no shirt and no pants. Sometimes he'll start out with pajamas on but then asks "No shirt, no shirt" or "No pants, no pants" when he wakes up in the night.

He says "G'morning Mama" when he wakes up, usually after 7:15 or so! If he wakes up before then, we are usually both very grumpy and whiny.

When playing at Lion's Park, Josh started chatting with another guy there who made a comment about how coordinated Kamuela is. "He's going to be a soccer player!" And then as Kamu threw the ball, "Oh wow, no he'll be a quarterback!" and then when he swung at the ball, "Or a baseball player!" The guy then proceeded to ask Josh what his name was, so Josh told him, "Kamuela Recaido". And the guy said, "Kamuela Recaido. I want to remember that so 20 years from now, when he's a pro athlete, I'll be able to tell everyone how I met him at a park when he was almost 2!"


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