MARCH 2017 | Kamuela James

- When watching baseball on TV at a restaurant, he started saying "singbadderbadder" and Josh realized he was saying "Swing Batter Batter!", which he learned from when we play t-ball at home.
- Kamuela started calling the baby "Sis" when he snuggles my baby bump. (March 5)
- He said "I love you", with prompting, sounding more like "eyewoooewe". (March 6)
- He said his own name for the first time. (March 7)
- He occasionally hums to himself and it is the sweetest. Josh said, "He just has a little song in his heart."
- He now requests specific songs for us to sing. lol
-He tells Josh "Mornin' Daddy" but hasn't said it to anyone else.
- When he doesn't want us to do something, instead of yelling "NO" at us, like he used to, he now says "No peeze." so politely! I absolutely love it. Except when he says it to me when I'm giving him kisses. He still yells "no" on occasion though.
- He told me to "Sit down" the other day. HA!
- He absolutely loves loves loves babies! Especially Conner. He always wants to hold babies, it's so sweet and I hope that doesn't change when his baby sibling arrives!
- He saw a picture of my Papa holding me when I was a baby and exclaimed "Papa!" I let him look at the photo and explained to him that I was the baby, but he was more interested in Papa. When I put the photo away, he said "Bye Papa" and waved. I smiled and said "Love you Papa" and Kamu echoed, "Wuvoo Papa". (And I promptly burst into tears!)
- Got Aunty Mari's name down pat over our beach getaway weekend. "Mawree"
- 3.22.17 Had his first dentist visit! And was only slightly traumatized I think.
- At story time at the library, he always hands out shakers to at least one other kid, and usually helps put them away too! It makes me so proud to see him caring and sharing. It is just the sweetest thing.
- The other day I gave him a small glass with a little grape juice, which he drank quickly, spilling a bit down his front and on the floor in front of him. As I take the cup from him, he says "Oh mess!" and before I get a chance to scold him, he runs over to the dish cloth drawer and pulls out a towel and wipes up the mess! WITHOUT BEING ASKED. It was one of those parenting moments where you feel like, YES, I actually am doing something right and teaching him how to function. :) Josh and I were both grinning ear to ear.
- He took his socks off, by stepping on the toes and pulling his leg up (just like his dad!) and then later when we were going to go outside, I was looking for those socks and couldn't find them anywhere. Until I looked in the laundry room! He had put his dirty socks in the laundry room without me even knowing! So awesome!
- His current favorite song is "Take me out to the ball game"! Because, sports.
- He loves loves loves all trucks and is learning the different types. "Box truck! Tow truck! Delivery truck! Flat bed truck!" When he says "delivery" he wiggles is tongue back and forth, horizontally, and it's the cutest thing.
- When I ask him how much Mama, Daddy, or Little Sister loves him, he throws his hands in the air and says "ssssssmuch!" (So much!)
- Has started putting on his own pants... often over the top of pants he already has on. LOL And he's been trying to put his own socks and shoes on too. His "bwon boos" (brown boots) are his favorite shoes. They're hand-me-down Ugg boots from Iris and I love that they are his most requested shoe! :)
- I've lost track of all his new words. It's so amazing to hear him speaking clearly, especially when other people understand him and not just me! Haha I often have to translate but by the end of the month, not nearly as much as I did at the start of the month! :)

Oh Kamuela James... you are all magic, smiles, giggles, sports, monster trucks, running, jumping, snuggles, and love. You are everything.


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