Happy New Year, a few months late

Much delayed but anyway...

Cheers to the New Year, 2017 is here! Can you believe it? I can't. But I can. Last year was so jammed pack, crazy/stupid busy for us that there simply MUST be a new year in order for us to recover! Or at least that's my hope. But really, looking back on the past year, I'm absolutely amazed (and slightly exhausted) by all that we crammed into 2016 and how much things have changed for our little family.

In January of last year, Kamuela was only 6 months old and got to go to Hawaii for the first time. In February he learned how to crawl, right after Valentine's Day. March was my 31st birthday month. April is when Kamuela started walking, far too soon! May and June seemed to pass in a whirlwind of First Birthday Party preparations, culminating in a beautiful (albeit, stressful) lua'u in July. (Sidenote: we did manage to payoff our truck in June! So exciting!) Then it was our annual week at Cow Camp right before August came and then we jetted off to San Diego for Josh's work. What was supposed to only be a three week trip turned into four months of hotel living, restaurant eating, and So Cal exploring. Kamu and I came home briefly in September to celebrate Malia's birthday and to be in Oregon for the birth of my sister's son, Taj Lemond McDonald. Josh's dear, sweet Granny passed away and so we ended up going to Hawaii again in October, for her celebration of life memorial service. My Papa also passed away soon after and luckily Josh was able to leave San Diego in time to make it back for his Life Celebration open-house service in Portland. We spent Thanksgiving in Oregon as well, then we rewarded ourselves with a week vacation at Disneyland at the beginning of December! Thanks to all the crazy overtime that Josh worked this year, we were also able to pay off our last loan, officially making us debt free (except our mortgage), which feels so good! Christmas was spent here in Washington with Josh's side of the family, then a second celebration in Oregon with my side, and then back to Washington for New Year's Eve! We ended the year with a 17-month-old toddler who walks, runs, climbs, jumps, spins, kicks, throws a spiral, can catch a football, and basically never stops moving! To say our year was full and eventful is putting it mildly, but to say that we loved every second is not an exaggeration at all!

Through it all, through our busiest, craziest year yet, Josh and I somehow managed to stick together, grow together, and become even stronger as a couple, and as parents. I'm not even going to pretend that this is a humble brag, because it's not. I'm super proud of the fact that my husband and I make an amazing team. We fight and disagree and can be really mean to each other sometimes, sure. But we learn from every argument, we come back smarter, our communication gets even clearer. I am constantly amazed and impressed and beyond thankful that I'm married to someone who is so willing to do the work to make our marriage so rock solid. His love, care, support, friendship, faith, and leadership is the reason why I am so delirious happy with my life. And our amazing son? He's the cherry on top of it all, making every adventure all the more exciting, making every single moment, just a little more magical.

So 2016? It was great. Probably my favorite year yet. And 2017? It already seems to be headed in the same direction! I'm especially excited for this summer, which is when our SECOND BABY IS DUE!!!!


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