Happy Half Birthday to Our Boy

 Well, our Kamuela James is officially one-and-a-half! He is all toddler and ALL boy. If it's a ball, or looks like a ball, he will throw, kick, shoot or hit it. If it's a bat, racquet, paddle or anything that can be swung as such, it will be swung! Football, baseball, basketball, ping pong, tennis, soccer, and now golf are all his favorite sports, but football continues to hold first place in his heart. He recently went to a monster truck show and loves trucks! "Vroom vroom" "crash" and "boom boom" are now how "TRCKS" get described. His love of books is growing and he's finally sitting still long enough to finish them, and often will bring one over to me, saying "Book book!" and then proceed to plop himself down on my lap. The Mercer Mayer books seem to be his favorite which makes me so happy because they're a childhood favorite of mine! We spent last weekend in Oregon, with all it's snow and Kamuela LOVED it! "SssNO!" he yells. And he loves to eat it! When we were sledding (which he also loved!) he would stop and just take a little snack break, eating off his gloves or sometimes just bending over and taking a bite right off the snow pile (13 inches deep!). It was sooooooo cute! And then Mom got him a bowl so he scooped some of the deck and ate it with a spoon, like it was Hawaiian Shave Ice! haha SO GOOD! He absolutely loves being outside and will request his "acket" (jacket) and "shoshs" (shoes) at least once a day, in an effort to get outside. I love that he does this because more often then not, I'm totally content to stay inside but I've been purposing to spend more time outside so it's nice that he's helping to remind me! He's just the best. :) Although, still not the best sleeper. And although I bemoan this fact quite frequently, I have to say, I also know that I will not regret all the late night snuggles that I've had with my son. Some day they will be no more and I will be so grateful for all those sleepless nights where I got to hold my sweet baby in my arms and feel his little arms reach for me, seeking my presence and comfort, settling back to sleep only when he knew his Mama (or Dada) was there. No, as much as we would love Kamuela to sleep through the night, I think we will both miss those snuggles once they stop... so until then, I will stop complaining, drink a cup of coffee and enjoy my one-and-half year old who is growing up too darn fast.


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