Kamuela James | 15 Months?!

I used to get so annoyed with my sister for not keeping up on her blog once Iris was born. Didn't she know that there were people waiting for new pictures and updates about her daughter?! Surely she couldn't be THAT busy, too busy to post up just a little something on the blog.

Ha. Ha. Ha.


Kamuela James is now, somehow, 15-months-old. If he's going anywhere, he is running as fast as he can. Which is surprisingly fast. Josh is constantly saying "We can't take our eyes off of him when we're outside. It's too dangerous. He's too fast." I kinda want to take him to a track and time his 100 meter dash. He is SO fast. If there's something to climb on, he will be climbing on it. He grunts and groans, very dramatically, until he gets where he wants to be. Then he celebrates, jumps down, and does it again. And again. And again. He's always friendly to everyone around and I can't even tell you how many times people have commented on what a "happy baby" he is. His smile lights up the room and never fails to elicit an "aaaaaawe". He is so polite, often saying "thanks" or signing "thank you" without any prompting. It makes my mama heart so proud! At the playground he loves the swings and the slides best but if he sees any kind of ball around, he zeros in on it and there's no distracting him! He can almost throw a spiral with his little football, knows how to throw the ball to himself to try and hit it with a baseball bat, and insists on "playing" ping-pong every morning after breakfast in the hotel lobby. If he sees a TV, he shouts "football!" because that's his favorite thing to watch, never mind those cartoons.

Current word list: Dada, Mama, no, hello, thanks, truck, hat, boat, bird, dog, ball, football, baseball, basketball, bottle, outside, milk, brush, dress, help, eyes, ears, up, down, kick, shoes, Iris, Taj, Papa, Grandpa, Grammy, Aunty, NaNa, Brad, and my personal favorite: watermelon! Most of his words that have an "s" are said with a little extra "tcsh" added to them... like truck is "trucktsh", it's adorable.

We've basically been living in San Diego since August 4th and Kamuela has gotten to experiences all sorts of new things! Adventures include but are not limited to: living in a hotel, San Diego Zoo, Lego Land, Gulls hockey game, Children's Museum, joined the YMCA, Waterfront Park, Knott's Berry Farm, SD special meeting, and trying all sorts of new restaurants.

Kamu and I did fly back to Oregon for a few weeks in September though, so that we could be there when my sister had her second baby! Kamu got to meet his new cousin, Taj Lemond McDonald, when he was only a day old! Unfortunately, he didn't get to hold Taj because we were both sick. :-( I can't wait for us to get back to Oregon so we can snuggle that little love!

Sleep is still not the best, but it's getting better. We've mostly weaned off of night nursing and no longer nurse on demand throughout the day, just once when we wake up, before nap, and before bedtime, but not nursing to sleep. Our bedtime routine is so much better these days and that really helps. We get pajamas on, have a snack, brush our teeth, nurse, then say goodnight to Dada and go lie in bed with a baby bottle of water. He drinks the water and rolls around a bit, until tossing the bottle aside and snuggling down, either ON me, or tucked under my arm with his head on my shoulder. Some nights, he demands that Josh come and lie with us, which is really sweet and he usually falls asleep with his head on me and his feet on Josh. Makes me melt every time!

Oh Kamuela James. You are so much fun. I love being your mama and spending my days with you. You are such a happy, easy-going kid, who loves to play, loves to meet people, and always has a smile. You are definitely finding your voice and learning how to share your opinions. Your father and I are desperately trying to dissuade you from screeching/squealing, which you recently started to do. I'm not entirely sure if it's because you're teething or just because you've discovered how loud you can be. Either way, it's a horrible noise and I really hope that you stop making it soon. But I love you regardless. Oh how I love you, you magical little ninja boy you. Thank you for making my life so wonderful.


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