Kamuela's First Birthday Party

A few snapshots of things that I want to remember...

... that Josh had been anticipating and planning for this day since before our son was even born.
... the binder that Josh had to organize things.
... how he posted tasks and timelines up on the kitchen walls.
... the smile on Josh's face when I walked downstairs with Kamuela in the morning.
... the way Kamuela walked into the party and waved.
... how the wind died down and the sun came out once the party started.
... the sound of Bill and Gloria's music floating out to greet me as I walked in with the birthday boy.
... how my cousin Megan said "This is IMPRESSIVE."
... the song that our nieces, Kiana and Cali preformed for us, {Taylor Swift's "Never Grow Up"} and how it couldn't have been more perfect and the way that I cried when they rehearsed it for us.
... how even though Josh was so nervous, that he didn't back out of singing "Beautiful Boy" for our son and the way my heart melted when Kamuela waved to his daddy as he sang.
... the way the sunlight highlighted Cali as she danced hula, her sweet smile and when she waved to Kamu when he wandered over to her.
... Dan desperately trying to make the sound system cooperate.
... the perfect little cake that Esther made for us.
... how Kamu got frosting on my face when he was supposed to get it all over his own!
... watching my son's face light up at the sight of all the balls to play with.
... seeing Kamu playing with the corn-hole game that his daddy and Uncle Dan built, climbing up it to throw the beanbag in the hole like a pro!
... having my grandparents there and how excited they were to be there.
... Grandma asking to hold Kamuela.
... how delicious all the food was and how it was all homemade with so much love.
... Kamuela loving the poi.
... the delicious cakes and how we ended up with three flavors because Josh and I couldn't decide.
... Uncle Rob and Kapio coming from California just to be here and help.
... the Adams coming from Canada because they love Josh that much.
... seeing all the different family members loving on our son.
... how all of Kamuela's six cousins make sure he's always safe and cared for.
... that Dave and Diane picked up the bakery cakes for us.
... that Noah was able to pick up the leis for me so I could surprise Josh with real leis at the party.
... Kamu wearing his little kukui nut lei.
... our blue party outfits.
... Josh's dad singing his version of "Sweet Baby James" for Kamuela.
... that my mama never stopped working. And she was barefoot the whole time.
... how Josh's family served the food, and it kind of felt like convention.
... when the giant gold "1" balloon floated away.


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