13 Months | Kamuela James

Frequently said words: Mama, Dada, FOOTBALL! (always said with an exclamation point on the end), ball, shoes (shossssh), hi, hello, dog. And he just started saying Papa (pahpah) and Grandpa (grapah) which is ridiculously adorable. He also just started saying "thanks" after getting kissed because that's what I always say to him when he kisses me!

He holds my iPhone up to his ear (or the remote or a computer mouse) and says "Hello" (haloo). He signs: eat, please, water, more and all done. He shakes his head no, always with vigor. He just started making a squishy duck face, copying EXACTLY the face Josh likes to make at him. He still loves to give kisses and manages to do so with less tongue these days, which is nice. He waves, gives high fives and fist bumps, gives snuggles (hugs) and will randomly run up to Josh or me and wrap his arms around our leg in a big hug. He pretends to sleep by laying down and making a snoring noise, which is basically the funniest thing ever. He gives me raspberries occasionally, usually when he's done nursing, which never fails to make me laugh out loud and scare him.

He is a snuggle monster. He loves sitting down RIGHT next to people, and leaning up against them. When he lays his head down on my shoulder, it's the best feeling in the world. He is the ultimate Mama's boy right now, super clingy and doesn't want to let me out of his sights, which makes me feel like the best mama in the world! But is also super exhausting when he throws a major fit whenever I try to take 2 seconds to myself for things like peeing and whatnot. Whenever he sees Josh and I hugging or snuggling, he runs over laughing and wedges himself between us. I'm not sure if it's because he wants to join in the family snuggle or because he wants to keep us apart! haha Either way, I'm happy that he's growing up getting to see his parents being affectionate. :)

He recently had his first intense illness- three days of a ton of vomit and a ton of diarrhea. It was HELL. And I do not say that lightly. I hope and pray that Kamuela never has a serious illness because I cannot handle the utter helplessness that comes with seeing your child sick. (And may there be a special place in heaven for all the parents who deal with chronic and fatal illness. God bless them. Amen.)

I can't quite wrap my head around the fact that my son is now a thirteen-month-old. HE'S SO BIG! And by big, I mean tall, because he's still pretty darn trim. He definitely has an athletic build and reminds me a lot of Iris actually. So grown up. He runs, climbs, jumps, kicks and throws balls, chases, pushes the stroller, pulls the suitcase, waves to every friendly face he sees. He is amazing. He teases and plays constantly, gets this adorable little glint in his eye when he's having fun. He's so fun. SO FUN. It's so much fun to be his mother. To watch him learn and grow, to be loved unconditionally by him... it's the best thing ever.

{photos coming soon}


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