Kamuela James | Ten Months

I am his lovie, his security blanket, his comfort object. I am that one special thing that he needs to fall asleep; the touch of my hand, the sound of my voice, the beat of my heart. I am what he searches for when he wakes up, it's my face that reassures him everything is all right. I am what he needs near when he can't put himself back to sleep, he just has to feel me, even just for a moment. I am his completely, answering his every call, fulfilling every need, always there to have, to hold.

Every day I tell myself that I need to wean him off of me, that he can and should fall asleep without me, that he needs to do this on his own. And every day I give up and give in to his big brown eyes, letting him wrap his hand around my neck and lay his head on my chest. I feel his hot breathe against my skin fall into the rhythm of deep sleep and for a moment I think of everything else that "needs" to get done, feeling just guilty enough to start to shift away. But then he sighs and pulls me closer, tightening his hold on my shirt, refusing to let me go. My guilt disappears and I relax, sinking back into bed, letting my baby melt into me as we both drift off to sleep, content in the knowledge that this is exactly where I am supposed to be. Soon enough there will be a day where he doesn't reach for me, where he doesn't need me for this, but today is not that day and so I will savor these sweet moments when I still get to be his everything.

Our baby is hardly even a baby even more. When I imagined having a baby I always pictured a chubby little ball of mushy cuteness that I would get to carry and cuddle for months and months and months. Instead I got this speedy little IronMan athlete of a baby who, at just ten months old, is already running circles around me, literally. I'm seriously considering wearing a GoPro camera just so that everyone can see how incredibly active Kamuela is, it's amazing, the kid doesn't stop! Even when he falls, it's really more of a "tuck and roll" kind of situation. I think he might end up being a stunt man or something along those lines... haha. 

He's wearing 12-month pajamas and t-shirts, 3-6 month shorts (because he's so svelte) and 9 months pants (because he's tall). He has 5 teeth now, the fifth one being to the left of top front teeth. His little lopsided smile makes me all the more adorable. He prefers turkey over ham as far as lunch meats go but will eat any kind of meat, especially if Josh has cooked it. He loves loves loves watermelon, which makes sense since I ate so much of it while pregnant with him. :) He can feed himself with a fork, when we spear food onto it for him, he shovels it into his mouth no problem. He also loves strawberries, has come around on avocados, doesn't seem to like canned pears (maybe a texture thing?) and still loves purees in pouches and prefers to feed himself with those. He still loves the puffs and crackers for snacks and is pretty happy about the addition of HoneyNut Cheerios and Goldfish Crackers to the snack bag. He has distinctive sounds for the following: diaper, tickle, kitty, dog, and cheese. "Hi" and "Dad" or "Dada" are still the only words that he says really clearly. He points! He points and waits for you to look where he's pointing. Other times, he points in recognition of something, or in answer to our questions. Josh asked "When do we start telling him it's rude to point?". When it's no longer so darn cute, of course! :) Another absolutely ridiculously adorable thing that he does, he claps when we say "Amen"! When we give thanks for our meals, we hold hands, Josh and I bow our heads with eyes (mostly) closed, and Kamu sits (mostly) quiet, waiting for us to finish and as soon as he hears the magic words he rips his hands out of our grasps and claps or bangs on the table and gives a celebratory grunt/yelp of sorts! I really should video it sometime, it's so cute. He also claps after I say "amen" for our good morning and good night prayers. He still gives kisses freely, especially to me when I'm trying to put him to sleep, I think he knows it's a good stalling tactic because I'm always smitten when I get spontaneous kisses. Little stinker! He doesn't really understand hugs yet, which is kinda funny because all the other little kiddos want to hug him! He waves, gives high fives, kisses, snuggles, plays football, wrestles, chases, blows on belly buttons, tickles, and plays peek-a-boo. He is super interested in whatever we are doing and picks up things so fast! We were working outside earlier today and he wanted the shovel. I showed him how to dig with the little spade and a minute later, he's digging! Seriously, so smart. He is desperate to cook with his daddy in the kitchen and tonight when we let him take the smallest sauce pan out of the cupboard, he looked like he was using it to sauté something! I kid you not. The pot is totally his new favorite toy and it's so cute to see him carrying it around, I don't even care that he never should have been getting into the cabinet in the first place! :) Overall? Still our amazingly perfect, handsome, little genius baby! ;-)

His ten-month-old photos are doubling as his FIRST BIRTHDAY invite photos!!!! Is he really REALLY going to be a YEAR OLD in just TWO MORE MONTHS!? I. Can't. Even. 

These photos were taken right after his morning nap so that's why he's so serious in most of them. I got a few smiles eventually though! He's like his Mama and wakes up slowly, but once he's awake he's ALL smiles, ALL the time, taking after his Dada. 

Happy TEN months, Kamuela James. You're everything to your father and I, absolutely everything. 


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