Just A Few Things :)

Things I want to remember....

...the cute little breathy way he says "Hi!" and how proud he is about it.

...how last night at Bible Study, when Gayla's cat came into the room, Kamuela totally zoned in on him and made a "K" (kitty) sound. I was stunned. (April 27)

...how he always gets SO excited when Josh comes home from work. 

...that he doesn't seem to mind giving Josh kisses now, even though Josh's mustache is out of control.

...when my shirt came up a little to expose my bellybutton and he spontaneously bent over and blew on it when I said "That's Mama's piko." Because obviously he knows that's what we do to his piko! I laughed so hard and melted on the spot. Best. Moment. Ever. (April 25- now it's a game we play, taking turns blowing on each other's tummy. My favorite!)

...how Josh and I both dropped our jaws when after hearing us say "Tickle, tickle, tickle!" while tickling him, Kamu says "Tickle" too! More than once, it was unbelievable! (April 29)

...how sweetly he fell asleep tonight, no crying, was just laying next to me babbling softly then curled towards me, nose to nose, his little hand holding onto my sweatshirt, and drifted off. It was such a sweet, perfect moment that made my heart burst with love. I never want to forget it. (April 29)

...how cuddly he has been lately. Sure, he's also been whiny, fussy, clingy, and out of sorts... but the cuddling. The cuddling makes it all worth it. When he lays his head down on me, even if its just for a moment, that feeling of being someone's complete safety and comfort, their favorite person and place in all the world, THAT is the best feeling ever.

...that Josh is most definitely "Dadadadada" to Kamu.

...how thankful I am to the Arnall's who have watched Kamuela so many times, allowing me to get to doctor, chiropractor, and massage appointments, and not caring when I sneak in things like shopping and pedicures too! They have made being a stay-at-home mama so easy and my love for them has grown exponentially as I've seen them love my son. My favorite part is that whenever I try to thank them for watching him, DoRe's always says, "No, thank YOU", like I'm the one doing them a favor. It's so sincere and so sweet. 

...how Kamuela loves to be in the kitchen with his Dad. Whenever Josh is cooking, Kamu wants to be right there with him! 


  1. LOVE! LOVE LOVE! I love all of this!

  2. ... how he reached towards me when I sat down beside you three in Gospel Meeting.
    ... how he lights up with those big smiling eyes when we FaceTime.
    He is an amazing little guy, and so lucky to have you two as his loving parents. <3


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