Kamuela James | 7 Months

He crawls, he rolls, he spins, he planks, he lunges. He is in no way a sedentary baby. He sits up completely by himself and will push himself up to sitting from his tummy. He pulls himself up on anything and everything he can find. He's eating real food now, mostly fruit and veggie purees and soft food but he desperately wants to eat EVERYTHING. His newest "words" sound like a Lady Gaga song; "Argh rargh raw raw rahwr." It's the most adorable thing ever and never fails to make Josh and I giggle. He has three teeth and the forth one is peeking through. His smile is even cuter with those little chompers and thank goodness he has not bitten me while nursing yet (knock on wood). He is still nursing like a champ and I'm so grateful that my milk supply is keeping up, not to be too cheesy, but it really is such a blessing to have that bond with Kamu. It makes me weepy to think about when that will end. He is very much a mama's boy but I'm assuming that's because I'm the one with the milk. ;-) I kinda love it... until it's bedtime and he refuses to let anyone else put him to bed. Josh reminded me though, "It's just a phase. Soon enough he won't need you ALL the time like this." And so I enjoy it and cherish every single moment. I hold my baby and rock him to sleep, nursing him as many times as he asks, no matter how tired I am, no matter how many piles of laundry need to be put away, no matter how long it's been since I've vacuumed. Because it's just a phase and I soon will miss these days. 


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