Happy Half Birthday Kamuela James!

SIX MONTHS OLD. My baby. My happy little boy. Quite literally, my bundle of joy. He looks like his father. Loves like his mother. He smiles easily and freely and when he directs it at you, it makes you feel like the greatest person in the world. And when he laughs? It is EVERYTHING.

Our boy is an athlete. I'm not even joking. He does pushups and planks and burpees. He has a slight double chin and some nice chubby thighs but his stomach is all steel... as in abs of steel. For reals. He does SITUPS! What 6-month-old do you know that does situps? Obviously he can't get all the way up... yet. He moves all the time, not quite crawling but getting SO close! He can roll and scoot and will himself to get where he wants to go, it's amazing. And more than a little bit frightening. Slow down Little Lion, slow down.

On his half birthday, January 17th, we boarded a plane and headed to Hawaii for Kamuela's first trip to Big Island. I can't even describe how adorable it was to see my husband SO excited to share his hometown with our son, it really was just the most adorable thing ever! Our entire trip was puncuated with stories that started "Kamuela, that is where your dad ______." So precious. I totally fell in love with Josh all over again on this trip.

We have roughly a bajillion photos from our Hawaii trip that I need to go through and organize but until that happens, I'll just share these family photos that Josh's brother Kale took for us! (They totally brought tears to my eyes and made my heart burst with happiness... which is what I hope all my clients feel when they see their family photos!)

I just cherish and adore my little family SO much.


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