Holiday Highlights

Things I loved about the holidays...

Things Iris said:
"Aunty! It's so much fun being sisters!" {She was Elsa, I was Anna}

"Aunty, you can put Kamu down. He wants to play with me."

"Aunty, I will watch Kamuela for you." {Yep, 3-years-old and babysitting my son.}

"He SLOBBERED on me!" {Accompanied by a look of absolute disgust, holding her hand out as if contaminated.}

"Maybe he needs one of the bibs I got him." {Because, drool.}

"We can dance! DANCE AUNTY! Kamu can watch."

"Aaaaaaawe, Mommy built a snowman! It's soooo cute." {Looking out the window at Mari's snowman.}

"I need to calm my body before I come upstairs." {After having a meltdown.}

Things Iris did that made my heart melt:
When she offered to share Banjo (her stuffed puppy) with Kamu and he promptly put it in his slobbery mouth, much to Iris's shock and dismay.

When she read him a book, all on her own, completely unprompted.

When she played patty-cake with him, again completely unprompted by anyone.

When she hears me singing to Kamu, trying to get him to sleep, and quickly climbs up into the chair with me to join in.

Other things that I love...
Opening presents with the Arnalls and having all the girls be stoked for their gifts!

Waffles for dinner.

No traffic on the drive to Oregon.

Sleeping at my mom's house Christmas Eve.

Iris and Kamuela in matching Christmas pajamas on Christmas day.

Cinnabon breakfast.

Iris "helping" make hot rolls with Papa and Chandler.

Being with my siblings.

Iris handing out Christmas stockings.

Sunday morning meeting with Grandma, Grandpa, and Dad.

Sunday lunch with family.

A snow day.

Walking in the woods.

Handing my baby off to his grandma or aunty and going back to bed for a couple of glorious hours.

No traffic on the drive back to Washington.

New Years Eve dinner made by my amazing husband while I held my sleeping baby.

Josh buying me Runts.

Kamu rolling over, scooting around, and SITTING UP. {Like a boss.}

Being with my siblings! Anytime we can all 3 be together is the best time ever.


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