Kamuela James | 4 Months

He charms everyone he sees with a full body, open mouth, eyes shining smile. He drools constantly. He rubs his eyes when he is sleepy and always lets out a few cries of protest right before he falls asleep. He grunts softly when he needs to poo, squirms when he needs to toot, and purses his lips when he his peeing. (It's adorable.) When you come at him for kisses, he opens his mouth wide and slobbers all over your face. (Also adorable.) He is not inclined to spend a lot of time on his tummy unless Mama or Dad are there to entertain him. He has rolled over a few times and always seemed shocked that he did so. He is busting out of the 3 month clothing, fits the 3-6month pretty well and is starting to get into the 6 month size. He watches us closely when we are eating and will drink from his daddy's glass. He reaches intentionally for things he wants, ignores them if he doesn't want it. Will put his chewy back in his mouth on his own! He can carry on a conversation for quite some time, which is pretty much the most entertaining and adorable thing ever. Has officially started eating his toes, little man is flexible! Still prefers chewing on his hands though and often gags himself when he sticks his fingers in too far (worst sound ever). Loves to be rocked to sleep and even though there was a week or so of wanting to be cradled, he's back to wanting to be held upright, chest to chest as he's rocked to sleep. Sleep during the night is hit or miss but the last couple of nights have been great with him only getting up at 2am, 5am, and then 8am. He loves to play! Will have dance offs with Mama, growling practice with Dad, hang out in his new activity saucer for long stretches at a time, is learning peek-a-boo and thinks it's funny to pull a blanket off his face. His little laugh/giggle/squeal is endlessly endearing. He recognizes his daddy's voice over the phone and will instantly stop whatever he is doing and listen intently to Josh over the speaker phone, getting a big 'ol smile on his face. Is totally content to watch football with Dad or clean the house with Mom, always watching intently whatever activity is happening. Generally takes at least three naps a day. If we're out at someone's house or have company over, he's happy to be passed around, interacting with all his adoring fans and soaking up all the love he can, only needing Mom or Dad when he's hungry or tired. His eyes seem to mostly be brown and oh how they shine. Thinks that he is the cutest baby ever (we agree) and lights up when he sees himself in the mirror or on the phone (great for selfies). He can pull himself up into a sitting position when holding on to your fingers. He absolutely loves to stand up, always makes him squeal with joy, but we're discouraging that until he gets the whole "sitting up on his own" thing down. Has moved up to size 3 diapers and his chubby little thighs are the source of much ooohing. Last night Malia asked, "Aunty, can I take Kamuela's pants off?" I asked her why. "Because we just want to see his thighs! I love to squeeze them!" (Of course I said yes to that.)

And now... a few snapshots from his fourth month...

Oh Kamuela boy, we really could not love you more. 


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