Kamuela James | 3 Months

He gives his smiles freely, but still save the absolute best ones for when his daddy comes home from work. He's happiest in the morning waking up to his parents or just whenever he's the center of attention. He has a newfound love for looking at books and he likes holding on to things, especially someone's finger. His mommy is his favorite place to sleep during the day, much to her delight and dismay. He is getting too long for his bassinet and too big for 3-month-old clothes. He refuses to be on any sort of schedule and continues to keep his sleep-deprived mother on her toes. He tries desperately to sit up, crunching his abs up and grunting in effort. He loves to watch, observing whatever activity is around him. He is becoming more intentional in his movements, getting his little hands to move where he wants, grabbing at brightly colored socks or bringing them to his mouth to be chewed on. He cries the most when he is hungry but is starting to cry more for being tired, and fights going to sleep if he's over tired. He makes new sounds every day; we especially love his almost-laugh that is more of a squeal.  He's putting on more weight, proof in chunky little thighs and his sweet chubby cheeks that we love to kiss. He drools too much, farts like a man, can make himself cough for attention, has surprisingly long eye-lashes, some adorable hidden dimples, is loosing his hair and is still absolutely amazing and perfect.

He is our joy, our boy, our whole world, our sweet little Kamuela James. 


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