Corey + Irene | Washington Wedding Photography

When the bride is from Argentina and the groom is from Washington and the wedding is to be in Washington... that means that the groom is going to be doing the wedding planning; something that most brides are hesitant to trust their groom to do. (Right?) But Irene clearly trusted Corey and I have to say, I am very much impressed with the sweet little wedding that he cultivated. Everything came together so beautifully and the day was filled with nothing but love for this amazing couple.

These shoes! 

 There's something so incredibly sweet about a mother helping her daughter into her wedding dress, I just love this moment!

Corey and Irene opted for a First Look which always makes for such sweet photos! 

Technically they had already had a "First Look" and seen each other in their wedding outfits and all, as they had a ceremony in Argentina for Irene's family and friends previously. I love that they did that and how this ceremony was still just as exciting and special for them both.

Irene made such a stunning bride...

Their wedding ceremony was so sweet, I couldn't help but tear up. One of my favorite parts was in their vows; they promised to respect each other's culture... it might sound simple enough but it can be hard thing to do and I so admire them for making that vow to each other.

So. Much. Love.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Wollaston!


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