Kamuela at 2 months

Oh my sweet Little Lion, how I love you. This love is so immense, so beyond anything that I have ever experienced, so greater then simple words can even explain. You are my "good morning" and my "good night" and everything in-between. You are a hundred million kisses throughout every single day, you are my relentless prayer of thankfulness, you are my reason for being. You, Kamuela James, are everything. 

Kamuela James at two months old: 12 lbs. 4 oz. 23.5 in. Straight, thin hair that seems to be mostly a dark brown color. Eyes of an indistinguishable color, could be grey, dark blue, brown, or dark green. Super attentive and seems to be soaking it all in. Holds his head up like a boss and has incredible neck strength and control. Drools a lot. Smiles a ton. Has the cutest farts ever that he has to squirm to get out. Can belch like a man. Overall he is very much a happy, healthy, beautiful, and oh so loved little boy.

"I'll eat you up, I love you so."

Here's a rough snap shot of most days....
6:30am- up to say goodbye to Daddy, eat, and then back to sleep
9:30am- Up for the day! Morning prayers, diaper change, eat, naked time, all smiles and giggles in the morning! Get dressed eventually and head downstairs.
10:30am- hang out in the jungle gym so mom can eat breakfast and maybe do a load of laundry or the dishes. He loves seeing himself in the mirror, is all smiles when he realizes where he is! Kicks the little lion and bats at the giraffe and elephant. Will usually be content there for 10-20 minutes before he starts complaining and wants to hang out with Mom again.
11:20am- Starts to get tired. Eats, gets a fresh diaper, then we've been going for a walk around the neighborhood, with him in one of the wraps.
Noon- He falls asleep on the walk and when we get home he typically will stay asleep on Mom while she does house work and/or edits photos.
4:00pm- Is up and fed and ready for Dad to get home!
4:20pm- Daddy gets home, hang out with him, all smiles and noises, telling Dad about his day. Is hungry about every 2 hours in the evenings.
6:00pm- Evening nap, usually on Dad while he watches football. A lot of times Dad will nap too, especially if there isn't a good game on!
7:30pm- Up for a little evening hang out time, dance parties with the parents until he starts to get tired again.
9:00pm- Pajama time and usually to bed with minimal fussiness. If he gets too tired, he'll fight it and wake himself up every time he drifts off... which means he won't actually go to sleep until about 11pm. Luckily, that only happens maybe once a week.
During the night, he's usually up sometime between midnight and 2am, then again sometimes around 4am or so but lately he's been waiting until around 6-6:30am which is really nice.


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