One Month with Our Son

Forty weeks and six days is how long it took for him to grow in my womb, keeping us waiting past his "due date" until he was ready to enter the world. Seventeen total hours of labor start to finish, twenty-four minutes of pushing, is how long it took for my body to birth him. One single, miraculous moment, less then the amount of time it takes for you to breathe a single breath, is how long it took for us to fall completely, unequivocally, unconditionally, and utterly in love with our son.

And three weeks is exactly how long it took me to stop caring about his spit up on my shirt, on the bedsheets, on the carpet, everywhere.

Being a mother is... everything. It's everything I thought it would be and everything I never could have fathomed that it could be. My whole world now revolves around this tiny little human who doesn't do anything except eat, spit up, sleep, poop, and cry about the previous four activities I just mentioned. But that doesn't even matter. Even though he can't do anything for me, even though it's clearly a one way relationship at this point, I am still so willing to give him all that I have. It's incredible. And exhausting. But so incredible. I absolutely loved being pregnant, carrying our baby in my belly, but being a mother, holding our son in my arms and seeing the way my husband adores him, is SO much better and I am so in love with being a mom.

Today, Kamuela is ONE MONTH OLD. I could say that time has flown by and wow, it passed in a blink of an eye, but to be honest, this month has been so incredibly FULL of life, living, and love, that I just can't be that cliche. I told Josh last night that I really feel like we made the most of every moment this past month, both of us completely cherishing every second of our son's life... even the moments that came at 3am. :) We are so thankful for this blessed life that we have and are so grateful that we have been giving the awesome responsibility of raising a child, it is our honor and joy, truly.

Here's a small snippet of Kamu's life thus far....

Zero Days Old, July 17, 2015
I'll share more Birth Day photos when I blog Kamu's birth story. :) 

Suddenly I'm a mother...

...and my husband is now a father. Wow. 
 1 Day Old, July 18th
My own amazing mother, Kamu's Grammy. 

Kamuela's Aunty Mari and Grandpa come to meet him! 

One Day Old, so beautiful. 

Kamuela meets his Papa. 

My best friend and her mom drove up from Oregon to meet my son right after we arrived home from the hospital! 

Best Friends will drive 5+ hours to meet your brand new baby. 

Love you Aunty Nicole! 

The pirate sloth. ;-)

Uncle Kale showed up! 

3 Days Old, Sunday July 19th
Our good friends Nic and Arica couldn't be kept away! :) 

I just love how the people we love, love our son. 

The Roloffs meet Kamu! Elliot doesn't look too pleased. ;-)

Steve and Josh, holding each other's sons! What a moment. 

Cousin Malia made a beeline for her new cousin! 

Miki must have been able to tell that I need a hug. :)


Aunty DoRe'

5 days old, July 22
Down to Oregon to meet Papa Montgomery (Papa Honey as Iris calls him). 

Uncle Brad and Tia Rocio drove all the way from TEXAS! 
 6 days old, July 23
Meeting his first worker, Kendall. :) 

One week old at Cow Camp! 

Made it out to Cultus Lake! 

Meeting Uncle Brian and cousin Iris. 

I'll share more Cow Camp photos in another blog post. 

Our first family photo on the dock! 

 8 days old, Saturday July 25
Meeting Great Grandma and Great Grandpa! 

9 Days Old, July 26

Kamuela's first Sunday Morning Meeting! 


Mom's friend Sara came to meet Kamuela! 
2 Weeks Old, Friday July 31st
Mom's first photo session with a baby as a prop. ;-)

3 and half weeks old:

Headed to Kamu's first convention! 

4 Weeks Old, August 16
Cousins at Convention! 

Like I said... so much life, living, and love! Our son's first month on this earth has been pretty amazing and I am so excited that I get to be a part of it. 


  1. I simultaneously burst out laughing and burst into tears when I reached the picture of him in his Mickey outfit!!
    Love you more than words!!

  2. Beautiful words and photos! I sure do wish you blog would show up in my Blogger newsfeed updating me about your posts. Appreciate it when you post to FB as a great reminder. Congrats and glad to hear you are adjusting well to the new life that is that of a mama.

  3. Bethany I am so so overjoyed for you both. Your words are so inspiring and You already are a wonderful momma. Congrats !


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