38 Weeks: READY

It's official. As of 38 weeks, I have puffy feet. Still got my ankles though! I'm holding on to hope that cankles are not in my future. (fingers crossed) My hands are constantly in pain from carpel tunnel and the only relief is ice, so much ice.  Sleep at night is getting more and more elusive which means I'm taking more and more naps during the day... which is fine I guess, just super annoying because I would rather sleep at night. But I guess it's just part of the process of getting me ready for those late night feedings... right? Bring. It. On.

I'm ready. I'm so ready to meet my little lion man. This child who is inside of me, who only I can feel, who only I have held, only in my womb, I am ready to hold him in my arms, to know the color of his eyes and the texture of his hair. I am ready to smell his sweet baby scent and the kiss his soft baby skin. I am ready. I want to see him held in his father's arms, to know that there is the safest place that my son could ever be.

We are ready. We keep our house clean and organized so that if we have to leave suddenly for the hospital, our home will be ready for our son when we come back. We have piles of diapers and a ton of blankets washed and ready to be wrapped around him. There is a car seat in Josh's truck, next to a diaper bag and duffel bag packed for the hospital, with things like nursing bras tucked inside. A sweet little bassinet waits in our bedroom and every time I see it, my heart skips a beat, imagining my son sleeping there in our room. 

I do have to admit, I'm going to miss this belly of mine, going to miss being pregnant with my son. I'm going to miss the feeling of his feet walking across my ribs, his little booty pushing out across my belly button, his head sitting low in my womb. I'm going to miss being the only one who gets to hold him, the only one who gets to feel him. Right now he is so very much mine that I can't even begin to fathom having to share him with anyone else besides Josh. And so I am cherishing these last couple of weeks, or days, while he is still mostly mine...

Pictures by Josh. :) I spend a lot of time hanging out in my swimsuit, because let's be honest, no pregnant woman wants to wear clothes in this summer heat... so we figured now is as good of time as any to capture my pregnant body... you know, since I might be giving birth at any moment and all. :)


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