Bump Update!

So I guess this is the Third Trimester. The last trimester. When I told someone how far along I was, they told me that it's time to start counting backwards! You know, because there is only TEN weeks left. TEN WEEKS! So yeah, this is it. The final countdown. T-minus 10 weeks and counting. Here we go! 

28 Weeks

My favorite compliment that I've gotten so far is from Josh, when he told me: "You look wonderfully pregnant." That's a pretty sweet thing to say to anyone growing a baby; if you see a pregnant woman, please tell her that with a sweet smile. 

29 Weeks

My favorite part of the third trimester? Kamuela is moving ALL the time! I absolutely love it.  I think I'm even beginning to be able to tell when it's his little foot pressing against me versus his back or bum. SO AMAZING! He spends a lot of time swimming around my belly button, mostly under it, and in the evening, he still does some yoga where he stretches out a lot and makes his mama reeeeeeally uncomfortable. :) And I love it. I spend a lot of time reclined back on the couch or in bed with my hands on my bare belly, watching Kamu move, feeling this sweet little life growing inside of me. There's no better way to spend my day!

In other important baby news, our good friend Linzie had her girl on April 21st!!!! Of course we had to go visit them and meet their little bundle of cuteness! And Josh picked up some daddy tips from Kellen while we were there. :) I melt. 

People still say funny things but I haven't gotten anything to ridiculous yet, so I'm grateful for that! One person will say "Oh, you're so tiny!" and then another person will walk up to me and say "Wow, you're so big!" haha! So I really have NO idea if I'm small or big but at my last appointment the doctor told me "Everything is measuring perfectly!" and I'm just going to go with that. :) 

30 weeks! Oh jeez.

On Saturday, Josh spent ALL day at St. Joseph's in Tacoma taking parenting classes. It was a lonnnnnnnng day and we may or may not have taken a nap in the car between two of the classes and that was the highlight of the day. :) But really, I'm glad we took them. It was a breastfeeding class, newborn care class, and infant CPR and safety class, all of which had a ton of great information. Plus, we got to play with this creepy baby doll. Fun times! :)

I'm sleeping a lot these days, some days even require two naps. Lucky for me, I have a job and a husband that allows me to rest when I need to! It makes this whole baby growing thing a lot easier, let me tell you! Major kudos to women like my sister who worked right up until they went into labor! I don't know how you do it. It still blows my mind that I'm doing this. GROWING A BABY. Yeah. I know.


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