Linzie + Kellen | Pacific Northwest Maternity Photography

These two. Oh, these two. Linzie and Kellen were acquaintances, then clients, and now some of mine and Josh's best friends. They got married the same year as us and are now having a baby a few months ahead of us! There's something so special about being in the same place of life with good friends, to be able to share the joy and excitement (and anxiety) of it all with. I treasure their friendship so much and couldn't be more excited to watch them become parents! As with everything they do, they will totally rock it! Of that I have NO doubt. And of course they look good doing it...

Linzie, just being all gorgeous and pregnant. Hope I look this good at 8 months along!

Soooooo gorgeous. Linz, you kill me.

We found an awesome graffiti mural that was "Alice in Wonderland" theme....

Congratulations again Linzie and Kellen! We are SO excited for you and cannot wait to meet your little girl. When do we sign her marriage contract to Kamuela....? ;-) Love you guys! xo


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