The Best Sunday Ever

Yesterday, April 5, was the 6 year anniversary of when Josh and I met at Sunday morning meeting (church) in Kamuela, Hawaii. I remember more about that Sunday then any other Sunday in my life. I remember the bright floral skirt and navy blue tanktop that I wore and how my shoes really didn't match and that annoyed me to no end. I remember where I sat, to the right of the door, with my dad. I remember watching Kale stare out the window for most of meeting and I remember watching Kawena and Cali drawing. I remember what Keala and Noah said in their testimonies that morning. I remember wanting to leave as soon as possible and being annoyed when Keala called over her brothers to meet us. I remember how quickly Noah turned away after shaking my hand and that Josh stayed just a little longer, but I was too awkward and shy to realize how sweet he was. I remember walking to our rental car and wishing that I would get another chance to talk to him, and being relieved/scared when Dad told me we were meeting everyone for lunch at a local food court. I remember watching Josh interacting with the other young people and wishing that I would have had the guts to sit at that table with them, with him. I remember how he stole bites from Kawena's blizzard and how adorable I thought it was when she laughed with him. And then... when we finally got a chance to talk again, thanks to my grandpa, I remember the exact instant that he looked up at me and I realized that this guy was going to be really important to me.

Now, six amazing years later, I am 26 weeks pregnant with our son, whom we named after that town where we met, the town where Josh grew up. I couldn't be more thankful for that Sunday, for the past six years, and for the incredible journey that Josh and I are on together. It's so strange to me how much I remember from that Sunday, the insignificant details that have stuck in my memory, but it makes me happy that I can replay one of the most important days in my life over and over. It really was the best Sunday of my life.

26 Weeks- Kamuela's first time working at a wedding with his mama. :) 


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