Week 21 & 22

21 Weeks

 "If I have to be pregnant," I told him, "I'm so thankful that I'm pregnant and married to YOU."

I could not be more grateful for this amazing man that I have the privileged to become a parent with. Josh has been the most incredible partner through all of this and I am simply in awe of him. Because of him, I am able to sleep when I need to sleep, eat when I need to eat, do absolutely nothing if I feel lazy, have the best medical, chiropractic, and massage care to keep me and Kamuela healthy and comfortable, redecorate and work on projects when I feel motivated, as well as get my feet rubbed, belly rubbed, and cuddled as often as I want. He doesn't make me feel like an invalid, shows appreciation for the fact that I don't act like an invalid, but is also totally kind and understanding when I am exhausted and don't want to do a single thing.

Josh sat down on my nest on the couch the other day, a pile of soft blankets with the heating pad, next to my laptop, in front of the TV that streams Netflix. "Whoa!" he says, feeling the warmth of the heating pad. "Is this your life?" he asked with a smile. Yes. Yes it is. Because of him THIS is my life. Because of him I have the most unbelievable life and get to enjoy every second of my pregnancy. So, to my dear, sweet, loving husband, THANK YOU. For everything. If I ever get to a point in my pregnancy where I start to complain and don't seem as grateful, please direct me back to this post so I can be reminded of all that you have, and are, doing for me. Thank you.


Let's all just take a moment to imagine how ridiculously handsome this guy's son is going to be!!! 

22 Weeks- Grow Kamuela grow! 


  1. YOU are looking gorgeous! And your husband is SO handsome. Baby Kamuela is lucky to be growing while surrounded by such loving (beautiful) parents. XOXOXOXO


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