Things People Say

23 Weeks!

  • "You're not very pregnant are you?" and pats my belly. (5 months actually, thanks.)
  • "HOW do you SAY his name?!" (Kah-moo-eh-lah)
  • "You have a belly!" (Sure do!)
  • "Say his name for me again." (Kah-moo-eh-la. Ask me to repeat it as many times as you need. I would rather you actually know how to say it then be to embarrassed to ask and end up calling him "Buddy" or something like that.)
  • "We heard you were getting bigger!" (Yep. Thank goodness!)
  • "I've been practicing!" (how to say his name)- this one I love to hear.
  • "I just can't wait to meet him!" - this is from one of the little old ladies at church who grins at my belly every time she sees me. :) 
  • Upon hearing his name and realizing that it's not Bob or Joe, I'm often asked: "But what will you call him?" (KAMUELA. That is his name. Learn it please.) 
  • When we tell people that Kamuela is Hawaiian for Samuel, they get all excited "Oh, so you'll call him Sam?" (NO. His name is KAMUELA. This is a really weird question to me, I really feel like people should know better.)
My favorite tidbits are the things that my nieces have said...
I was explaining to Iris that Kamuela is just small in my belly and has to grow big before he can come out. She pats my belly and ask, "Kamu-wellwa is small?" Yes. "But he get bigger?" Yes. She cocks her head to the side and looks at me, "And then he will POP OUT?!" hahahahaha Yes. :)

Malia, after having felt Kamuela kick for the first time, got so overwhelmed that she exclaimed "I'm just SO happy! I'm going to cry!" And then promptly bursts into tears. It was the sweetest thing and warmed this mama's heart to no end. 

Oh Kamuela baby, you are so loved already. 


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