Oofta! And other things of pregnancy...

I've noticed that I say "Oofta" a lot now. Mostly because that's the only word that properly encompasses all of what I am usually feeling: full, hungry, tired, achey, tired, sore, large, tired... you get the idea. 

I think I officially have a "bump". It's hard to say though, because I can still technically hold it in and look completely NOT pregnant... but if I don't try so hard, wooooop, there it is! I like to think it's cute... Josh makes me feel like it's the most amazing thing in the world, so that helps. :) 

17 weeks- Photo by: Fyrelite Photography

Last Sunday, I got dressed for meeting and when I walked out of the bathroom, Josh looks at me and says, "You look PREGNANT." And I was perfectly okay with that. :)
18 weeks

I've finally admitted to myself that the little spasms I've been feeling are actually the baby moving inside of me. It's the single craziest sensation that I have ever experienced. When we saw him on the ultrasound on Tuesday morning, he was curled up most of the time but every once in a while he would stretch out those little legs and look like he was doing downward facing dog! (Just like his mama does everyday to stretch her aching back and legs!) He's so stinking adorable already... those lips! :) Every little movement and moment of this journey is such a treasure.

Profile view of just his head- as if your looking at his left profile, his face pointing up.
His hand is above his head and below his chin. :)

The most important news though... we named our son!!!

Today, FedEx delivered a small package addressed to "Kamuela's Mom". I promptly burst into tears once I realized that that was ME! Such a surreal moment.

A box of my favorite salted caramels from Kamuela's dad. :-)

He will be 19 weeks tomorrow on Valentine's Day. Josh and I will be spending our holiday weekend working on house projects, attempting to prepare ourselves for Kamuela's arrival. We're quickly reaching the halfway point and it's hard to believe that in less then 5 months, we will have an actual human baby of our own!!!

Oh my son, my little lion man, my sweet Kamuela James... how we love you so already. xo


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