The Habig Family | Oregon Family Photography

Sometimes it might seem like a benefit to my friends that they have a personal photographer in me... but truly, I think it's one of the best benefits of me BEING a photographer that I have the privilege to document my friends and their beautiful families as they grow. It really is one of my absolute favorite things and I'm so thankful that my BFF Kelsey still likes me and my photography enough that I get to be the one to take her family photos... ;-) Because look at what a stinking adorable family she has! 


Loving the Oregon evening light...

I just love this one...

This girl. She's got STYLE.

Kelsey and Trevor, I love you two SO much and am so proud of the amazing family you're growing. Thank you for including me in your lives.


  1. Sigh. These are so fun! Thanks for sharing them! They make me smile. :)


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