My Cousin Jake

He looks good. My cousin, Jake. He's tall as he's ever been, taller than me since he was ten I think, even though he's three years younger then me. His hair is longer than I've ever seen it but that's really the only thing that looks different to me. He looks good. He looks like my 25-year-old cousin Jake, with his beautiful wife Bri and his two adorable boys, 5-year-old Landon and 3-month-old Brock. He looks like the cousin, father, husband, son, grandson, nephew, friend, and awesome guy that I know him to be.

Except now, on top of all of those things, he is also a cancer fighter

Jake started his six month journey of chemotherapy today. I took some family photos for him this last Sunday. And I can't lie, this might be the fastest turnaround I've ever done on a photo session... maybe because it might be the most important and heartfelt session that I've ever shot. 

Jake has an absolute amazing support team surrounding him and is more than prepared to face this unimaginable battle. No doubt, he is in for the fight of his life, but with the above army on his side, plus our extended family and all of Jake's friends and his incredible medical team... he's got this. And we got you Jake.

I love you Cousin and am praying for you every moment. 


  1. Beautiful photos & beautiful family. Glad he has such a great support team. Will keep his family in our thoughts and prayers.


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