This Weekend.

Josh got home from three weeks in Japan on Friday and then we went down to Boring, Oregon for (church) convention on Saturday and Sunday. Even though it had been going since Wednesday, it seemed like everyone waited until we got there Saturday afternoon, to share just for Josh and I. Seriously. Every prayer that I had uttered in the past couple of months, the past week especially, was answered. Specifically. Each worker might as well have said, "Okay, this message is from God, for Bethany Recaido, I hope y'all don't mind." It was amazing. Everything that I needed, and so much more, it was all there, laid out for me, a bountiful feast of living bread, of living water. I could hardly sing any of the hymns at all for the tears that continued to well up, my heart being completely overwhelmed. And Saturday night? When my 20-year-old cousin spoke from the platform, looking every inch a worker in his perfectly tailored suit and red tie, sharing God's message so eloquently, encouraging God's people to get all the treasure they could possibly get? I don't think I will ever forget that moment. 

Convention is a miracle. God's way is a miracle. My faith is a miracle. I am so thankful and amazed and humbled by it all and I pray and I hope that I will never forget this convention or the conviction in my heart. 

"Lord, keep our next steps faithful..." 



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