Shipyard Wife Problems

Josh has been away for three weeks, in Japan. He comes home on Friday and I'm experiencing that crazy phenomenon where time slows to a molallsas crawl in which each minute actually takes the equivilant of five hours to pass. It's pure tourture, to say the least. Lucky for me, I have my photography to keep me busy but when I get stuff done too quickly, I turn to my good friends Netflix, Redbox, Zillow, Facebook, baking and reading actual books. I read an entire book cover to cover yesterday, it was amazing. But it didn't take up nearly enough time. I work on our budget, vaccumme, do loads of laundry that are way too small, keep the dishes washed, go for two hour walks, eat a lot less and a lot healthier, take up yoga, spend a lot of time in Oregon, and start to plan our next vacation. In between everything, I check the time, calculate what time it is in Japan (and four hours to our time then switch the AM/PM) and try to remember if Josh is on swings or not so I can imagine where he is. And then there's FaceTime. Our saving grace. I'm not sure how anyone survived long distances before technology!


My house is clean, my work is done, my need for alone time is more than fulfilled... I'm ready for my husband to be home. #isitFridayyet


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