Justus + Nicole | Oregon Wedding Photographer

It's not an easy thing, to give your best friend away, to trust that this other person is going to take care of your friend for the rest of their lives. Sure, they may have been together over five years, but she's been my best friend for closer to fifteen years. There's so much history between us, I don't know if I could ever possibly explain what this friendship, what this girl woman means to me, how she helped shape very childhood, how she helped me to become who I am today. That is why it just is not an easy thing to give my best friend away. I can't give my "blessing" or "stamp-of-approval" lightly when it comes to dealing with the men in my best friends' lives, I have really high standards for them and I'm not shy about sharing my opinion. ;) But this time... with this guy... it was easy.

When Nicole started telling me about this guy, her friend, Justus, I couldn't help but be skeptical. No guy could ever be good enough for my best friend after all. But that smile she got on her face when she talked about him, that was something I couldn't ignore. Then they started dating and the smile just never went away! (It still hasn't.) There was a light in her eyes, a joy in her heart, a giddiness to her voice, that was absolutely undeniable. I had never seen her this way about a guy, never. He was THE ONE. We all knew it, they knew, there was never a question of it, it was just a question of when. After Justus recreated the Indiana Jones amusement ride in his shop for her, I knew that there would never be another for Nicole and ordered her to immediately marry the man! But they took their time, and I admire that. They proved their relationship and commitment over the past five years and I'm so proud of them and how they have grown together. There is no question that these two will have a very happily ever after! 

And I think we can all admit... it was worth the wait. :)

I never thought the girl who wear baggy sweats all through high school would wear lace someday... and boy-o-boy, she wore the heck out of that dress!

The handsome groom.

The First Look. (May have been hard to photograph since I was more than a little teary-eyed.)

Best friends forever: me, Reb, and Kels. 

What? Why wouldn't they JUMP ON THE TRAMPOLINE?! Oh Nicole, I love you.

 Nicole, I love you so much and am over the moon happy for you and the happiness that you have found with Justus. I thank God every night that we are still friends and I know that no matter what happens in this life, we will always be friends. Justus, you are a better man then I could have ever dreamed up for Nicole. I love you and I gladly give her to you, knowing full well that you will love and care for her your entire life. Thank you. It's so nice not having to worry about her anymore! ;-) xo


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