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I recently was given the opportunity to review Freshly Picked Moccasins and I was excited to get to see this trendy shoes in action since I had been eyeing them on Instagram for so long. 

The package arrived and immediately I was impressed with their packaging, a cotton drawstring bag. So simple, but so cute. My favorite part was the small print at the bottom that declared "made in the USA". I will always always always support businesses that keep their production in the states! Major kudos to Freshly Picked for being American made. 

Iris, who is 19-months-old, was pretty excited about the beautiful Butterscotch moccs, especially appreciating the softness of the real leather. So soft, that she was holding them up to her face. :)

Since she isn't quite old enough to put them on herself, she asked for Aunty's help.

And I was relieved to see that they were SO easy to put on! I have bought Iris multiple pairs of shoes and usually have to shove her little feet in, stuffing her toes down to make sure her foot is actually in them, and then end end up giving up because those shoes never stay on for longer then a minute! Ridiculous. These Freshly Picked moccs, went on easy with a simple stretch of the elastic. 

Once they were on, Iris was up and ready to take her "new shoosh!" and go play! 

These moccs are not just for indoors either. Iris and I went outside and she had no problems running around on concrete, stone, and grass. The soft soles of the moccasins didn't hinder her walk or run at all, she was able to move naturally and comfortably. Even though it's not a very thick sole, she never seemed bother by anything under her feet.

Of course her natural speed is RUNNING! And these shoes kept up, never falling off or tripping her up.

Iris is one happy customer! :)

Once we were back inside, she was climbing all over the furniture, and the moccasins were with her every step of the way!

She even insisted on putting the Freshly Picked logo pin on her jacket. So cute!

 Then it was nap time and Iris fell asleep in my arms (my favorite thing ever) and I was grateful that I was able to slip off her moccs without waking her up. Definitely a major plus in my book!

Overall, I am so in love with these shoes and I think that Iris and her mama would agree with me when I say that they are the best! Iris is able to run, walk, climb, play without ever loosing a shoe or being hampered by hard soles. The leather is beautiful, the construction is impeccable, and they look absolutely adorable with any outfit. I will definitely be purchasing some more of these for my sweet niece! 

AND... I am SO excited to be offering a my facebook followers a chance to WIN a pair! So head over to facebook, "like" my business page and find out how you can win a pair of Freshly Picked moccs. A bonus entry will be given if you comment here on my blog too! 


  1. Great review Bethany!! I too have been following Freshly Picked on Facebook and Instagram and love all the colors of their moccs! It seems there's a color for every outfit!! For me the comfort of my babies feet in their shoes is #1. And since Ellie likes her feet "free" of shoes, I generally have to put them on over and over every where we go, so ease of getting them on is always a huge plus!!

  2. That butterscotch color is beautiful and so versatile! It's important to me that my daughter wears soft soled shoes so that her tiny feet learn how to walk properly. Thanks for this opportunity!

  3. I like that they seem like the freshest style out there for kids right now.

  4. Comfort is most important to me!!! Especially when they start walking :)

  5. Love these and I love that they are easy to put on and they stay on


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