2 Years Later

Sunday June 29th marked the second anniversary of when Josh's mother passed from time into eternity. We loaded up the truck on Saturday and headed to the coast to meet up with Josh's family and spend the day as close to Mom as possible. 

 Sunday morning we had a sweet little meeting in our hotel room before headed to the Pacific Ocean at La Push.

On the way to the beach, we made a pit stop at Crescent Lake and Josh, being the only one already in a swim suit, took a dip in the clear, cold, blue water. Just one of the gajillion reason why I love him.  

Crispy Crust Chicken for lunch, cooked on the beach, all very Hawaiian. ;-)

 Like daughters, like mothers. :-)

I know it's just sun-flare in this picture, logically, being a photographer, I know that. But when I first looked at the above picture that DoRe' took with my camera, my heart skipped a beat and without saying anything, I turned the display to Josh. He looked and then with what I'm sure was the exact same look on my own face, said out loud what I was thinking: "Mom". And with all my heart, I know that.


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