Sweet Baby O | Portland Newborn Photography

A squishy little baby girl to photograph? Easily one of the best perks of my job. And this sweet little girl is exactly why I love my job so much!

Why are baby yawns so adorable!? This picture kills me. 

The light in her nursery, in their whole house actually, was just amazing. Such a beautiful home, clearly filled with so much love. 

Let's be honest, sometimes this is how newborn photo sessions go. But I don't mind, she's still cute. :)

Yes, that's a little bear suit that she is wearing. Cuteness overload. 

Oh wait, and then she yawned in the bear suit. Yep, even cuter.

Nailed it Baby Girl!

Congratulations Matt and Jenny! Thank you for an awesome session with your perfect little girl in your beautiful home! 


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