Sweet Baby Cooper | Newberg Newborn Photography

This adorable little boy is my mom's neighbor and his parents are the best neighbor's that a girl could want for her mama. They won me over when they brought Mom and I homemade pizza for dinner after she had her ankle surgery. I mean, come on, how sweet is that!? I am so thankful to know that Mom has such awesome neighbors who are so kind and caring and look out for her when I can't.

Meet Cooper. He is such a handsome little guy and I sure hope that I'll get to see him more often whenever I visit Mom! 

How cute is this little pirate face! Gah, so adorable. 

My favorite moment of the whole session was when Amy said, "We only recently became baby people." Probably the best thing that I've ever heard a new mom say. :) For only recently becoming baby people, Evan and Amy are doing a fantastic job as parents and clearly make a great team.

Thanks for such a fun session guys! And thank you thank you thank you for being such incredible neighbors for my mom. I am so grateful to know that you are there for her. And Cooper is one lucky guy to have such awesome parents, even if they have only just recently become baby people. ;-)


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