Finnley Rosalee | Newberg Newborn Photography

When my best friend Kelsey had her first baby, Elliana, I had a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that this girl, my friend since 6th grade, who used to always wear her hair slicked back in ponytail, was suddenly this beautiful grown woman, wife, and MOTHER to a gorgeous little baby girl. Seriously, it took me a while to come to terms with this new version of the girl I loved so much. And then, before I knew it, Elli turned two and Kelsey and Trevor were expecting their second daughter. Now, they are a family of four and I am once again in complete and utter awe. The other day Kelsey posted a picture of herself, with the baby strapped to her front, pushing Elli in the stroller, and holding their dog, Cali, on a leash during their 40-minute walk. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! As I sat on the couch, editing photos in my pajamas, I felt incredibly lazy compared to my superhero best friend. Just when I think she couldn't be any more impressive, she goes and ROCKS being a mother of two. Seriously Kels, I am so impressed. Once again, you (and Trevor) have made this life transition with such grace and I can only hope that one day I manage to become the kind of parent that you guys are. As always, it is the greatest honor that you allow me to document your adorable family.

Everybody, meet my newest niece by love, Finnley Rosalee. 

Let's be honest, we've all felt this way about getting picture taken... ;-)

Baby yawns!!! My favorite.

Oh sweet little Finn, I love you so much already. This aunty is so excited to watch you grow! xoxo


  1. SO precious!!! Thanks for taking such sweet pictures.


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