Clarissa | 9 months

This sweet little girl is growing up too fast! I can't believe she's already over 9 months old! It's so fun seeing her little personality develop, she's such a little charmer. Of course, whenever I bring my camera out, she gets a little shy with the smiles but I think these portraits are still pretty darn cute.

We went to Scout Cafe and took advantage of their beautiful decor and gorgeous garden on a lovely spring day.

Luckily her mama can always get that smile out. :)

One thing about Clarissa that I'm absolutely in love with... THESE CURLS! Seriously, the cutest.

Another thing about Clarissa, she is such an observer! This little girl watches everyone and everything, just soaking it all in.

It's hard to pick but I think that this one is my favorite...

Such a fun session with this sweet little girl. Happy 9 months of life Rissa Rose! xo


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