Weekend Update

I had the best weekend. Seriously, the BEST time with my best friends. Saturday was wedding dress shopping for my best good friend, Nicole who is finally getting married! Yes, there is someone who waited even longer than me. ;-) I've been friends with her since 5th grade... Which means we've basically been friends forever. Kelsey, who is beautifully pregnant again, was also there and honestly, it was really just kind of magical to be all 3 of us together, shopping for Nicole's dress like how we shopped for prom dresses back in the day. I really don't even know how to put into words how much I love these two ladies.

We may all be in different places in life, hundreds of miles apart, and we can go without seeing, or even talking to each other for weeks on end. But time and distance truly has no effect on the strength of our friendship and it's such an incredible gift to be able to trust in that. Their friendship has never been questionable, only steady and true and I love them both dearly for that. 

We all gots fancy rings now! :) 

Me and the Bride! So proud of this girl. 

This is pretty much the exact opposite of what she ended up getting, but she looks too darn cute not to share. :) Congratulations Nicole! 


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