Rick + Stacy | Newberg Engagement Photography

Tucked away, back on a country road, on the outskirts of Newberg, is a beautiful oasis, the perfect spot for an engagement session... made even better by the fact that it's the home of Rick and Stacy, the sweet couple I was shooting. Not a bad day at the office. :)

How adorable are they?! Seriously.

Stacy's boots! I don't own any cowboy boots but if I ever buy a pair, they are definitely going to look like this. So cute!

I'll end with this one... it's my absolutely favorite; you can just see the happiness radiating from them!


  1. Aww these are super fun, love them!

  2. This was definitely one of the best days ever!! We will for sure use Bethany again...maybe for our anniversary pictures!! :)


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