A Baby Bump Named "Roo" | Maternity Photography

When I ask a client if they're willing to try out an idea I have for a shoot and they say "Of course!"... I am equally parts excited and terrified. I get so excited, and humbled, when they trust me to direct their session, and so terrified that it won't turn out how I imagined and/or that they will hate it. Luckily, this idea turned out exactly how I imagined (black and white clothing against a black backdrop with studio lights) and the clients seem to like it. :)

Thank you so much to Candy and Steve for being game for this sessions. And HAPPY DUE DATE! I am actively restraining myself from texting every five minutes to see if Roo is on his way yet. :)

Absolutely in love with this shot. Candy and Steve look so glamourous in black and white. Love!


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