Random Tuesday.

I've been terribly lax in my blogging lately and despite my best intentions, "TODAY I will start blogging regularly again!" I just can't seem to get back on top of it. But here I am, trying, so here's some random tidbits of late... you may or may not care. :)

I've recently discovered that the easitest way to impress my husband is to wear Seahawks paraphanelia. Jeans and a jersey, that's what does it. So easy. I love it. 

I have been overwhelmed with thankfulness for this house that I live in, this place that is my home, the home that I share with my husband. It's so fun and amazing and awe inspiring to be creating a home together. I love it.

 The easiest Valentine's Day present ever? This Superbowl championship shirt. I wish I would have been videoing Josh's reaction. He loved it.

I'm still completely obbsessed and enthralled by my sister's baby girl. She's walking now. And she knows me by name. "Auntie!" Best thing in the world to have her call me that.

 Josh and I had the young kids in the field over for a sing last week... it was scary (for me- at first) but of course it went amazing (because my husband is incredible and knows how to entertain children of all ages) and we are already talking about doing it again! Hearing kids sing hymns in OUR home was really overwhelming and powerful and very... professing. :) It was probably the most grown up that I have ever felt... I kinda liked it.

These three girls. They continue to grow up way to fast and continue to impress me with their talents, kindness, humor, and big hearts. So thankful to get to have so much time with them! 

My best friend got engaged last Thursday. I cried all day long, SO EXCITED FOR HER! It's amazing and he's amazing and they're amazing together and it really was just the best news ever.

 I took a giant leap out of my comfort zone today and "networked". GAH. It was so nerve-wrecking and I drank way too much green tea but it was amazing. I met with another local photographer and we had great conversation and I'm so thankful that I pushed myself to reach out and meet someone new!

 This. Probably the greatest picture ever. I love how into Iris is.

My husband. He is constantly amazing me and proving how marrying him was the single greatest thing I could ever do in my life. 

I just love his face so much. And that smile. Mmmmhmn. Gets me every time. 

What can I say? My life is generally pretty boring by most standards but it's busy and FULL and amazing and... I LOVE IT. 


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