Go Hawks!

The biggest change that's happened to me since getting married? Football! It's no longer a completely boring and confusing sport to me. I can now watch it with understand and excitement and I even find myself cheering with passion. Josh LOVES football. LOVES. To the point where he even explained to me while we were engaged that I would need to be understanding that he might be a little preoccupied during football season. :) And his love for football the Seahawks managed to wear off on me, through the many games we watched and his patiently answering my many questions. "What's a safety? Why was that called? How are they offsides? Who is that guy? Is the kicker different then the punter?" Etc, etc, etc. And now I know about the Legion of Boom, Russell Wilson, and Beast Mode. It's all about them Seahawks in this Recaido household! 

Wearing Blue and Green on Sundays :)

Championship Day! 
Date night attire


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