Kellen + Linzie | International Wedding Photography

One man, one woman, with just their families and a few close friends, together, on a beach in Mexico... It's a pretty good way to get married.  Linzie and Kellen's Rui Resort wedding in Cabo San Lucas was sunny and bright, just like them, filled with love and so much laughter, just like the rest of their lives will be.  

Linz, you could have gotten married in this robe and you still would have been the most gorgeous bride.

These two. I mean COME ON! I could have photographed them forever.

This one is my favorite... just look at the happiness on Linzie's face.

I can't even begin to explain how much I love Linzie and Kellen and how much I loved being their wedding photographer. I'm lucky to now also count them as friends and I think I love that part most of all. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Wright, for letting me be the one to document your special day. 


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