Sweet Baby Claire | Seattle Newborn Photography

Remember Reinhard and Mitra? Well, they now have a beautiful baby girl and I am so happy that I got to meet her and be her first official photographer. She is so tiny and sweet and did great at her first photo session! I am absolutely in love with her photos...

Posing already!

So many different faces already!

Throwing up the peace sign! Made me laugh. :)

Every time I set down my camera to adjust something, Claire would smile this sweet little smile and her mom would say "Oh! There it is!" and I would whip my camera back up to get it and it would already be gone. I was getting worried that I was going to miss it all together but she conceded in giving me a few of those sweet smiles at the end of our session, when my camera was actually in my hand! *phew* :)

This one is my favorite...

Okay, this might be my favorite actually. ;) The telltale sign that our session is over!

Thank you Claire for being such a great baby for our session! Mitra and Reinhard, that is one adorable baby girl you got yourselves! Hope to see you all soon! xo


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