My Love

I met Josh when we were both 23 years old. For Josh's 24th birthday, he was in Japan and I was in Europe and I sent a cheesecake to his hotel. Thanks Internet. I can't remember where he was for his 25th. For his 26th birthday he was in Washington and I had gotten him a Dirt Fish Rally School certificate. His 27th birthday was spent in San Diego and I called the restaurant he was having dinner at to have dessert sent to him and they sent him sake instead. (So embarrassing.) This year, his first birthday as a married man, he is in San Diego again. Working swing shift while I'm here at home, beginning to feel like his house-sitter. It's so crazy to know that we're married but to still be spending so much time apart, to be spending his birthday apart! Birthdays are a big deal to me so this is killing me but it also makes me all the more grateful for my amazingly hard working (and never complaining) husband.

He is... everything. He is my best friend, my favorite person, my calm, my anchor, my strength, and my greatest challenger. He makes me a better person simply by always being the best person he can possibly be. He is my safe place, my happy place, my forever home. When songs and poems and stories speak of "Prince Charming" or "Mr. Right"... Josh is who they are trying to describe.

*published late because I forgot to hit publish on Friday*


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